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Spring Camping in Michigan at Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron

Seasonal changes, fresh flower smells, and warmer weather are just around the corner. Spring camping in Michigan means catching the weather before it gets too hot and taking advantage of less crowds. Not to mention watching the lush landscape come alive as the spring brings new life!

If you’re ready to try your hand at spring camping in Michigan, here are a few reasons why you should book your Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron stay.

Reasons for spring camping in Michigan at Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron

Just before the summer season hits, you can still experience the fun and beauty of spring camping in Michigan. With fewer crowds, changing landscapes, and cozy campfire nights, it’s worth booking your Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron stay.

Beginning Opening Weekend, April 26 – 28

Spend your vacation spring camping in Michigan! Tons of onsite activities and top-notch amenities make our resort the perfect getaway. Pack up the tent, hitch up your RV, or book one of our family-ready cabins.

Still Cozy for Campfires

When you camp before the heat of summer, you won’t have to deal with hot summer nights. Camping in the spring means the nights are still cozy enough for campfires without the heat.

Spring camping in Michigan at Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron

Fewer Crowds Than Summer

Although spring is a big part of the camping season, it’s still a little less crowded than the summertime madness. Perfect for retirees, solo travelers, and those looking to escape the everyday, enjoy resort-style comforts with fewer crowds.

Themed Weekends and Activities

Get a head start on our themed weekend and family fun activities!

Fishing and Other Outdoor Sports

Brush off the winter blues and start getting excited about the coming outdoor activities that come with the spring season.

Wildlife Viewings

Take in all the wildlife that will be bouncing around with new springtime joy. Spring camping in Michigan means watching as the wildlife world starts to come together under warmer skies and fresh vegetation.

Wildflower Power

Wildflowers will also be making their appearance during the spring season!

Springtime Deals

The best reason to stay at Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron is for the springtime deals! From opening day until May 23rd, you can save with promo code SMORESAVINGS.

It’s a wonderful time to get excited about the great outdoors! Spring camping in Michigan means cozy campfires, top-notch amenities, fewer crowds, and more wildlife viewings. Plus, the already beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities you’ve come to love.

Book your spring camping trip today at Jellystone Park™ North Port Huron



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